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Latte Press

  XAdmin            17/12/16

How it Works Free Consultation We have different packages depending on your needs and your current skill level with WordPress and XTheme, we also cover other themes as well if … Read More

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Cornerstone Live Templates

  XAdmin            14/12/16

Introducing the Cornerstone Live Templates plugin — a way to create reusable “live templates” that could be included across your Cornerstone posts and pages, and that could be updated from … Read More

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Cornerstone Landing Page Templates

  XAdmin            23/11/16

My name is Pierquinto Manco, like you I build websites with X and I often find myself helping my own customers to improve their development processes and marketing strategies through … Read More


How to Migrate Your WordPress Website

  Donald McGuinn            01/11/16

Migrating your website can seem like a big task, but if you break it down, there are a few things out there that you can use to speed the process … Read More

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Can we really trust Google?

  Miroslav Meduric            28/10/16

Alexei Kutsko from WP Speedguru  and Miroslav Misho Meduric from WP Usabilitly have joined forces to write an article that attempts to answer an important question about trusting Google. Hint: … Read More

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The Secret To Making Google Love Your Site

  Alexei            30/09/16

This may be the most important post you’ll ever read If you want to boost your Google rankings or even get on the first page, then this may be the … Read More

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Paginating a post with Cornerstone

  Sean Piper            25/07/16

One of the most fundamental features of WordPress is paginating a post (breaking a post into sub-pages). You will see many popular blogs doing this, especially sites that do top … Read More

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What is a child theme, why you need one, and how to set it up

  Karen Cooper            07/07/16

What is a Child Theme? A child theme is a theme that inherits all the functionality and styling of its parent theme, in this case X Theme, and allows you to … Read More

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Creating a real estate agency website is easy with this simple plugin

  XAdmin            27/06/16

The Property Hive plugin is often referred to as “The WooCommerce of property sites”, it’s the perfect solution for any developer looking to build an estate agency website, and aims … Read More


Exclude Spam in Google Analytics

  Miroslav Meduric            21/06/16

I see some mixed advice about stopping referrer spam in Google Analytics, some of it good, but also some of it being not recommended. Here is a simple way of … Read More


Why Embedded Videos Slow Down Your Site And What To Do To Stop It And Get More Views At The Same Time

  XAdmin            16/06/16

When you embed a YouTube or any other video, your visitor’s browser will need to make a number of extra requests to render your page. With YouTube, the number of … Read More


WEB FONTS. How They Affect Your Site’s Speed And What You Can Do About It

  XAdmin            14/06/16

I’m a typography junkie. Not that I’m any good at it. But I can sure appreciate excellent typography when I see it. The right typography creates the right “selling atmosphere” … Read More


Switch Columns On Mobile Devices

  Miroslav Meduric            30/03/16

While working with X, sometimes we have a layout with this scenario: Text left | Image right Image left | Text right Things are fine until we go mobile. Then … Read More