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Latte Press

How it Works Free Consultation We have different packages depending on your needs and your current skill level with WordPress and XTheme, we also cover other themes as well if you have websites that aren’t using X. Before you pay anything, we offer a free consultation up to 30 minutes where we’ll discuss your project and your needs and see if our services are right for you. This is a no pressure, no obligation consultation over Skype. Full Training Course for Beginners The full training will start with a discussion with you about the site you have in mind, once … Read More

Cornerstone Live Templates

Cornerstone Live Templates

Introducing the Cornerstone Live Templates plugin — a way to create reusable “live templates” that could be included across your Cornerstone posts and pages, and that could be updated from a single location. This is the initial release of the plugin so please do your testing in a non-production environment. WPMU version coming soon. The full version is downloadable for free for all members of the X Theme Users group.

Cornerstone Landing Page Templates

My name is Pierquinto Manco, like you I build websites with X and I often find myself helping my own customers to improve their development processes and marketing strategies through the use of landing pages. I now have a range of landing page templates which have been very effective in generating new leads and converting sales. I have decided make some of them available to fellow users of Cornerstone and X Theme. Even better, for members of the FB X Users Group only, I am giving a 50% discount, just use the code XTHEMEUSERS. Please note, the first two templates … Read More

How to Migrate Your WordPress Website

Migrating your website can seem like a big task, but if you break it down, there are a few things out there that you can use to speed the process along, and make it much easier than you think! This article works for moving to another hosting company as well as from a sub domain to the main domain. Most hosting providers install their own custom plugins on your website to ‘help’ you manage it. We recommend that you go into your website directory via FTP, navigate to your plugins folder, and rename the folder or remove it all together. … Read More

Can we really trust Google?

Can we really trust Google

Alexei Kutsko from WP Speedguru  and Miroslav Misho Meduric from WP Usabilitly have joined forces to write an article that attempts to answer an important question about trusting Google. Hint: yes, you can trust it. Alexei I love Google. Google Search, Apps for Business, Analytics, Search Console, etc., etc., great stuff. Could be a bit more user friendly but great anyway. Google knows everything about everything it seems. If Google says or measures something – it must be true, right? Google Almighty’s authority is rarely questioned.  And that at times creates a lot of anxiety when Google tells us that … Read More

The Secret To Making Google Love Your Site

This may be the most important post you’ll ever read If you want to boost your Google rankings or even get on the first page, then this may be the most important post you’ll ever read. Here’s why. I’m going to share with you how my brand new site got on the first page of Google in roughly 4 months. But first, let me give you a little background. If you’re one of the 600+ group members who are also members on WP Speed Guru, then you know who I am. If not, let me introduce myself. My name is … Read More

Paginating a post with Cornerstone

One of the most fundamental features of WordPress is paginating a post (breaking a post into sub-pages). You will see many popular blogs doing this, especially sites that do top 10 or top 20 posts. Unfortunately if you are like many others and use CornerStone to design your post layouts, will not be able to to paginate a post. After a little bit of trial and error I found a simple solution to this problem, but first how do you paginate a post? Honestly, it’s incredibly easy to paginate. Whenever you would like your post to separate into a new … Read More

What is a child theme, why you need one, and how to set it up

What is a Child Theme? A child theme is a theme that inherits all the functionality and styling of its parent theme, in this case X Theme, and allows you to make changes without affecting the main theme files. Using a child theme is always good practice.   Why Do You Need to Use a Child Theme? Child themes are the recommended and safest way to modify and customise the parent theme.  By making your edits and cusomizations in the child theme editors – as opposed the parent theme editors – your work is always safe and will not be overwritten when … Read More

Creating a real estate agency website is easy with this simple plugin

The Property Hive plugin is often referred to as “The WooCommerce of property sites”, it’s the perfect solution for any developer looking to build an estate agency website, and aims to removes the hassle and headache of integrating property search into your site. Out-of-the-box the Property Hive plugin comes with standard components so all you have to do is style it to match your sites layout.   Let’s look at some of the benefits of using Property Hive: Integrates with most existing or new, bespoke or off-the-shelf themes Property Hive takes the hassle out of property search The core plugin … Read More

Exclude Spam in Google Analytics

Stop Google Analytics Spam

I see some mixed advice about stopping referrer spam in Google Analytics, some of it good, but also some of it being not recommended. Here is a simple way of solving this problem. There are two basic types of spam: CRAWLER and GHOST. Crawler visits our website and can be filtered out, while GHOST cannot be filtered out. It is just guessing our GA number, and never actually visits our site. Here is the procedure for stopping Crawler spam: 1. Create a new view. (It is good to keep the original unfiltered view intact). In Google Analytics, go to Admin/View/Dropdown … Read More