Why Embedded Videos Slow Down Your Site And What To Do To Stop It And Get More Views At The Same Time

When you embed a YouTube or any other video, your visitor’s browser will need to make a number of extra requests to render your page. With YouTube, the number of requests is 4, 3 for three different resolutions and 1 for the still image used as a video cover. It gets even worse when you embed a video that has ads running – several more requests are added. Naturally, your site will load slower and if you have a half a dozen videos on the page … you do the math, this could be a half of the total requests. What’s … Read More

WEB FONTS. How They Affect Your Site’s Speed And What You Can Do About It

I’m a typography junkie. Not that I’m any good at it. But I can sure appreciate excellent typography when I see it. The right typography creates the right “selling atmosphere” for your product or service as every good designer will tell you. In X we have a great tool that allows us to create excellent typography. You’ll find it in Customizer. Most of us use web fonts from Google, Typekit, etc. Used in moderation, they hardly have any bearing on how fast your site loads. However, while optimizing client’s sites for speed, I often see a whole plethora of fonts … Read More

Switch Columns On Mobile Devices

Switch columns on mobile

While working with X, sometimes we have a layout with this scenario: Text left | Image right Image left | Text right Things are fine until we go mobile. Then the layout goes “Text | Image | Image | Text”. And we want it “Text | Image | Text | Image”. While it is entirely possible to make double sections/rows and hide/show them as needed, that involves having two sets of same text. That is bad because it makes updating the text harder, and also adds extra code to the page. It can be solved with JavaScript, but I found … Read More